Say hello to Brooklyn!

An awesome gallery photo wall layout

Room Examples

I've created the images below to show how Brooklyn may look on your wall. Measure your wall space before order and install. The Brooklyn layout is 53.2" wide (left to right) and 56.2" tall (top to bottom).
Note: Images below may not be to scale.
This adorable layout includes 26 frames and displays photos. The Brooklyn arrangement looks delightful in many places around your home!

Keep reading to learn more about how you can Customize, Order, and Install the Brooklyn arrangement!

Step 1: Customize

Choose your frame finishes

Customize this layout to your wall! Click on a frame to change the finish color.
Want to know how to pick the right frame finishes?
Want to know how to pick the right frame finishes?
Step 2: Order

Purchase your frames and prints

Now it’s time to order your frames! Click the links below to add the frames to your Amazon cart.
The product recommendations below include any customizations you've made in Step 1 above.

Frames Order List

Identify Prints for Frames

You'll need a total of photos to fill your frames.
I recommend you first look through items you already have and love to frame, then you can order the rest
Use the list below to make sure you find enough items before your frames arrive.
Want to know how to pick the right frame finishes?
Not sure what photos to put up in your gallery wall?
Looking for art? Try Society 6!
Step 3: Install

Hang your gallery wall

After your frames have arrived, it’s time to install!
I'm working to create FREE install instructions for all of these designs! The instructions will be ready on or before November 1, 2019. Click the link below to sign up for updates about the Brooklyn Gallery Wall Install Instructions!. I'll email you the download link as soon as they are ready!
Easily install Brooklyn on your wall!
Easily install Brooklyn on your wall!
Your Thoughts:

What do you think of the Brooklyn layout?

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